Are you looking for the newest emerging innovations and technologies in Material Science to enrich your group or institution?

At INAM, we invite research institutions to become a part of our network in order to effectively create a fully functional ecosystem. We believe that our network can inspire, learn from each other and work together to foster innovation.

Here’s what we do for our Research members:

  • access to INAM corporate members;

  • access to the INAM international industrial network;

  • access to the database of startups that is managed my INAM;

  • organization of beneficial activities for your students;

  • exclusive access to multidisciplinary events & meetings organized by the INAM network;

  • access to investors and mentors for member spin-offs;

  • participation in our AdMaCom accelerator program as a mentor;

  • participation in open discussion forums for information exchange and project initiation related to advanced materials, products & processes;

  • exclusive information about relevant activities in the field of advanced materials (e.g. industrial events, forums, conferences, workshops, etc…);

  • active search for partners and technologies that are relevant to the member’s interest—specifically to research groups (upon individual request only);

  • information about financing and support programs and matchmaking for innovation consortia schemes (upon individual request only);

  • support in company setup and market entry in Berlin.