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The Innovation Network for Advanced Materials Welcomes QustomDot as Newest Startup Member

Berlin, Germany (18 May 2021)—INAM, the Innovation Network for Advanced Materials, is pleased to announce QustomDot as their newest startup member.

INAM is a global network of companies and research institutes in the field of Advanced Materials. Their mission is to support innovative ideas, products and processes in the field of Advanced Materials with the aim to accelerate the global market entry of technology innovations by providing access to infrastructure and collaboration between corporates, startups and research institutions.

INAM was first acquainted with QustomDot during the 2018 Advanced Materials Competition (AdMaCom) Program. AdMaCom is INAM’s 2-week accelerator for startups in Advanced Materials. QustomDot was one of the 10 finalists in 2018 to travel to Berlin to take part in the program.

“We have seen QustomDot grow out of their lab at Ghent University into a full-fledged company,” said Antonia Caraveteanu, INAM’s Managing Director. “They have come such a far way in such a short amount of time and we are so glad to be able to be a part of their journey.”

QustomDot develops on-chip grade, RoHS compliant quantum dot technology for future applications in color conversion. Quantum dots are tiny semiconductor nanoparticles that can transform UV or blue light into other pure colors.

Many companies have already experimented with this revolutionary technology, but are limited in doing so because quantum dots suffer from degradation at high temperatures and light flux. Quantum dots were therefore primarly used in a sealed and expensive sheet, and are still separated from the light source in most commercial products.

QustomDot however, works with a quantum dot technology that is stable enough to be used directly on LED chips, which allows them to target new applications such as high quality microLEDs.

Currently, the only commercially available quantum dot technology that is stable enough to use directly on the LED chip, is based on cadmium. However, cadmium is restricted by the RoHS directive of the European Commission. The display and lighting industry therefore refuses to use cadmium-based quantum dots in their devices. QustomDot has developed a technology that is based on non-restricted cadmium-free quantum dots, stable enough for on-chip usage.

The QustomDot technology is truly unique: it is the only commercially available QD technology - stable and reliable - that is cadmium-free and on-chip grade. Their technology can be used in traditional LEDs for lighting and LCD displays, in miniLEDs and in microLEDs.

From the very beginning we received so much support from INAM,” stated Kim De Nolf, one of QustomDot’s Founders. “The network is a great tool for a start-up like ours to meet players in the industry.”

If you would like to learn more about QustomDot, visit their website


About INAM

INAM, the Innovation Network for Advanced Materials, is a global network of companies and research institutes in the field of Advanced Materials. INAM’s goal is to enable the right connections and make technological innovations become reality by working closely with startups, SMEs, corporations and research institutes to start, grow and transform the development of Advanced Materials.

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18 May 2021 - QustomDot
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