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The Innovation Network for Advanced Materials Welcomes FLITE Material Sciences as Newest Startup

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Date: 02 June, 2022

By Taha Adnan

INAM, the Innovation Network for Advanced Materials announces FLITE Material Sciences as their newest startup member. With over 90 companies and institutions, FLITE Material Sciences joins the network of members that have a shared interest in innovation in Advanced Materials.

INAM is a global network of companies and research institutes in the field of Advanced Materials. Their mission is to support innovative ideas, products, and processes in the field of Advanced Materials with the aim to accelerate the global market entry of technology innovations by providing access to infrastructure and collaboration between corporates, startups, and research institutions.

‘’FLITE joined the INAM community to be part of a broad industrial movement that challenges the fundamental design of manufactured products, re-thinking how industrial products are composed and developed. This community can solve trillion-dollar, century-old problems that affect the safety, longevity, and environmental impact of the built environment.’’ said Dan Cohen, founder of FLITE Material Sciences. ‘’ FLITE's team looks forward to this evolutionary process with the investors, manufacturers, and the peer community of innovators at INAM.’’

Here's what Oliver Hasse, INAM’s Managing Director, had to say about FLITE Material Sciences: “Flite Material Sciences demonstrates that breaking up silos and rethinking processes can generate revolutionary approaches to solve longstanding problems. Deploying laser technology to structure surfaces at nano-level and thereby replacing coatings or other approaches is a very promising approach! INAM is happy to have, with Flite Material Sciences, a new member working on photonics from North America.”

About FLITE Material Sciences

FLITE Material Sciences has a portfolio of laser-based improvements for any solid, continuous industrial materials, including laser surface functionalization and open-air diamond deposition. These techniques improve the surface properties of ordinary materials to make them water or oil repellent, thermally efficient or antibacterial, without the use of chemical coatings and treatments.

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