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INAM Welcomes Super Polymer as Newest Startup Member

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Date: 09 February, 2022

INAM, the Innovation Network for Advanced Materials announces Super Polymer Ltd. as their newest Industry member. With over 90 companies and institutions, Super Polymer Ltd. joins the network of members that have a shared interest in innovation in Advanced Materials.

“We are thrilled to welcome Super Polymer Ltd. as a new INAM member. Super Polymer has the potential to disrupt the classical coating business with their technology based on the production of fully crystalline polymers, a task which has been difficult for the industry so far. Beyond that it is great to see our network grow internationally.” said Oliver Hasse, INAM’s Managing Director.

About Super Polymer Ltd. Super Polymer Ltd. develops fully crystalline polymers. Until now, crystalline-capable polymers were only partly crystalline. The amorphous phase was always present in every polymer. Pure polymer crystals developed by Super Polymer Ltd. are expected to have upgrades and new physical properties affecting many industries. The first applications would

be for high value thin polymer coatings.

If you would like to get in touch with Super Polymer Ltd. you can send an email to . Or visit them on LinkedIn

About INAM

INAM, the Innovation Network for Advanced Materials, is a global network of companies and research institutes in the field of Advanced Materials. INAM’s goal is to enable the right connections and make technological innovations become reality by working closely with startups, SMEs, corporations investors and research institutes to start, grow and transform the development of Advanced Materials.

For more information visit:

For updates visit our LinkedIn page

Super Polymer PR 08_02_2022
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