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Start Up the Science Podcast Presents: AdMaCamp!

We are so excited about our upcoming AdMaCamp program that we just had to share it with you.

AdMaCamp is our Advanced Materials Online Bootcamp. It will take place from 11 - 15 May 2020 (next week!) with the Demo Day on the last day, Friday the 15th of May. This is our very first online bootcamp that we've organized and we're happy to have 13 incredibly innovative startups joining the program:

ACBIODE | Tokyo, Japan

Developing the world’s first stand-alone AC (Alternating Current) battery and special electric circuits.

BIRDSHADES | Leoben, Austria

A film invisible to humans, but highly visible to birds.

BLACKTOP LABS | Groningen, Netherlands

The GAITKeeperTM, is a patent-pending diagnostic decision-making tool with advanced micro-electronics and smart system integration technology.

CHEMITEK | Braga, Portugal

A concentrated product that will help to efficiently wash and protect solar panels leaving them clean for longer periods of time.

COALTECH | Riga, Latvia

Destroys viruses by covering its shell with a liquid natural alkaline substance.

DANISH GRAPHENE | Aarhus, Denmark

Producing high-grade graphene that is compatable with bulk polymer materials.

DEED | Torino, Italy

'Get' is a high-tech bracelet wearable developed on bone-conduction technoglogy.

FILI PARI | Milan, Italy

Patented a microfilm made with real marble stone.

GARNET | Graz, Austria

ZnSe for cargo inspection that is 40 times faster than the current technology.

MESH | Nicosia, Cyprus

A multifunctional nature-inspired modular façade system for new developments and reuse of existing building blocks.

MQS | Copenhagen, Denmark

Computational tools to accelerate research & development efforts by the pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical industry.

PROJECT CERAMING | Berlin, Germany

Industrial 3D printing of advanced technical ceramics. Joerg’s LinkedIn

TIWARI | Darmstadt, Germany

RAPTOR: Additive manufacturing of metals & ceramics & SHIEL3D: Thermal characterization system for materials.

To learn more about AdMaCamp head to

To register for our livestreamed Demo Day head to our Eventbrite page

PS: Go say hi to Chris - Visit Chris' LinkedIn Page

PPS: Hi to ALL the Mom's and Happy Mother's Day!

For questions or comments, please email us at Also, if you or someone you know would like to be a guest on our show, we welcome any and all suggestions!

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