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Start Up the Science Podcast on Patreon

Start Up the Science is an (almost) weekly podcast for Science Startups, featuring conversations with scientists turned entrepreneurs. Hosted by Antonia CaraveteanuChristina Kasahara, each episode is recorded in our studio in Berlin, Germany, but our guests come from all over the world.

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We believe science drives progress, which is why we interview scientists who have started companies. They share their startup journeys, explain their technologies and hopefully inspire other scientists to take the leap and become founders! We are now in our 2nd Season. So far, we've spoken to talented founders working in Advanced Materials, Bio-plastics, Photonics, Printed Electronics, Haptics, Exosuits, Wearables.. even 3D Printed Rocket Engines! We want to keep promoting these innovators and we need your support. We're a non-profit organisation and run the podcast as a side project, so if you'd like to support us and can spare the price of a cup of coffee (or more!) to keep us going, we'd greatly appreciate it. 

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