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Open Innovation Challenge with CDT:  Pioneering materials to drive the future of telecommunications.

Date: 28 May, 2024

Location: Berlin, Germany

At INAM, we believe innovation thrives when diverse minds come together to tackle complex

challenges. That is why we facilitate Open Innovation Challenges on behalf of our members to

complement internal R&D capacities.

For the most recent Open Innovation Challenges, Cambridge Display Technology (CDT, a

Sumitomo Chemical Group Company) sought out pioneering materials to drive the future of


Following a rigorous  selection process, eight visionary tech companies were selected and

stepped up to pitch their solutions, offering a spectrum of potential innovations. After a

thorough evaluation, on behalf of CDT, we're thrilled to announce Jiva Materials as the winner of this Open Innovation Challenge.

About The Challenge 

The IT-related Chemicals Sector of Sumitomo Chemical provides a broad spectrum of products

to bolster the IoT era. These encompass optically functional films, touch screen sensor panels,

colour resists, and polymer OLED materials, integral to the fabrication of LC and OLED displays.

The portfolio further extends to include photoresists and high-purity chemicals vital for the

semiconductor manufacturing process, along with compound semiconductor materials

employed in antenna switches and various components of communication terminal equipment.

CDT aims to identify the next generation of materials required for the future of


About CDT

As the European R&D centre for the global chemicals giant Sumitomo Chemical (SC),

collaboration occurs with partners in academia and industry to address some of the most

complex challenges facing society today.

The SC Group aims to contribute to solving global problems and improving the Quality of Life for

people worldwide in areas such as resources, energy, food, and the environment. SC Group’s

technological prowess is leveraged to earn greater trust from business partners, shareholders,

investors, communities where operations are located, and all other stakeholders.

About Jiva Materials

Jiva Materials Ltd is a Hampshire based company developing naturally derived materials for the

printed circuit board markets. Their SoluBoard® is the world’s first fully recyclable rigid PCB

laminate with a 60% lower carbon footprint compared to the glass-fibre and epoxy technologies.

About INAM’s Open Innovation Challenge

As the deep tech and advanced materials landscape continues evolving, INAM's Open Innovation Challenge provides a platform for collaboration, learning, and growth. By nurturing relationships between established players and emerging talent, we collectively pave the way toward a brighter, and more sustainable world. If you’re interested to learn more about the Open Innovation Challenge, connect with us!

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