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GOOD STUFF Ventures, HOYER Handel GmbH and INAM Open Applications for Innovative Battery Challenge

Berlin, Germany (17 June 2020)—INAM, the Innovation Network for Advanced Materials, on behalf of GOOD STUFF Ventures and HOYER Handel GmbH, are organising an Open Innovation Challenge for Innovative Battery Technologies.

Organizations use open innovation to access more diverse sources of ideas and talent. The goal is to find opportunities to solve unmet needs with the help of the right partnerships. INAM organises and hosts Open Innovation Challenges on behalf of their members as well as any interested parties who would like to expand the innovation potential of their organization.

The Open Innovation Challenge for Innovative Battery Technologies is looking for Battery Technologies to build a next generation hairdryer that will be cordless and sustainable. The challenge is open to university research groups, research centers, individual inventors and startups that have developed an innovative technology or a combination of existing technologies to address the challenge in developing an eco-friendly battery (or any other approach) for a cordless hair dryer that has no noticeable disadvantage compared to a normal hairdryer.

The winning team or teams will be mentioned as inventor of the solution on the product landing page. But more importantly, they will see their solution entering the market and will profit long-term from its success. An IP acquisition or licensing model can be applied depending on the wishes and needs of the teams.

Applications are open now until July 24th 2020 on the F6S platform. The selection of startups will take place by the 10th of August and the presentations from the finalists will be given on September 3rd 2020. Winners will be announced on the 7th of September 2020.

For more information on the brief, product requirements, timeline and more, please visit


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