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INAM Welcomes Two New Members!

Updated: Jan 30

Date: 10 January, 2024

INAM is thrilled to welcome two new members: Nitto Group and RSBG Ventures. They join a network of over 85 companies, institutions, deep tech startups and other members with a shared interest in innovation in Advanced Materials.

About Nitto

Founded in 1918, Nitto is a Japanese corporation that stands as a global leader in advance Polymer materials and innovative technologies for diverse industries such as healthcare, mobility, and electronics. Renowned for pioneering advancements in adhesives and optical films, Nitto excels in developing cutting-edge solutions and services to address global challenges. With a commitment to sustainability and collaborative innovation, we continually shape the future by creating the next wonders of the world. Nitto innovation for customers.

About RSBG

RSBG Ventures is the Corporate Venture Capital firm of RSBG SE – one of the largest industrial investment companies in Germany. 

RSBG Ventures invests in innovative technologies in Automation & Robotics, ICT, Microelectronics, Pharma and Infrastructure and provides strategic support to portfolio companies through its corporate network.

About INAM

INAM, the Innovation Network for advanced materials, is a global network of companies and research institutes in advanced materials. INAM’s goal is to enable the right connections and make technological innovations become reality by working closely with startups, SMEs, corporations and research institutes to start, grow and transform the development of advanced materials.

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