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INAM joins new EU project: STAGE - Sustainable Transition to Agile and Green Enterprise

Updated: Feb 2, 2023



Is the new industrial revolution gaining momentum? Long before it became the most discussed topic it is today, sustainability has been a key focus of the European Union, shaping the future of production and value chains. Transitioning to a low- carbon and resource-efficient circular economy will require the implementation of new business models, advanced industrial technologies and innovation. Sustainability opens new pathways for enterprises to grow.

But how do businesses harness this opportunity? Where do they start? How can they be ready to embrace these new technologies? What should be improved? How do they position themselves? How to accelerate growth?

These are the questions many European small-and-medium-sized enterprise (SME) founders and managers are asking themselves today. So, in June 2022, the Sustainable Transition to the Agile and Green Enterprise (STAGE) project consortium gathered in Berlin under the STAGE umbrella with the ambition to help companies get the right answers and support their sustainability transition.

What is STAGE?

The STAGE project, with the European Commission’s support, will create an ecosystem with a focus on transforming industrial enterprises into globally leading, agile, and green enterprises.

The initiative unites experts from a wide range of fields, including manufacturing, process engineering, and business modelling, finance, and sustainability strategy.

In the coming months, the STAGE project, with the support of an extensive network of sustainability centres, will:

✔ Provide innovation and sustainability assessments to thousands of small and

medium enterprises (SMEs) and help them create roadmaps with action steps to

achieve sustainability goals.

✔ Train hundreds of Sustainability Advisors and engage them in a strong and

supportive sustainability transition ecosystem.

✔ Deliver in-depth industrial training to hundreds of selected SMEs to build their

sustainability transition plans (ST plans).

✔ Offer financial incentives (vouchers) to SMEs to access tailored advisory services

and financial support for implementing the ST plans.

✔ Facilitate investments to SMEs with the highest potential making them the European

industrial economy leaders.

Who can benefit from STAGE?

Industrial SMEs in Europe are welcome to register with any of the STAGE partners and be the first to benefit from the offerings of the initiative. Furthermore, all public and private advisors and

consultants working in the sustainability field are encouraged to join the STAGE network.

Who are the STAGE partners?

The STAGE ecosystem was launched under the European Commission’s Horizon programme

by 14 reputable organisations spanning 12 countries:

Stay tuned for updates on the STAGE progress! To learn more about STAGE and its progress, visit:

STAGE contacts:

Coordinator: Anna Koronioti, e-mail:

Communication manager: Eleonora Ivanova, e-mail:

Donatas Ditkus, email:

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