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INAM at High-Tech Gründerfonds' Pitch Day and the European Chemistry Partnering Event in Frankfurt!

On 25-26 February 2020, INAM participated in two highly relevant events in the Chemistry space - High-Tech Gründerfonds' (HTGF) Chemistry Pitch Day & the European Chemistry Partnering (ECP) event.

HTGF's pitch day welcomed 13 chemistry startups to pitch in front of a jury of investors. Of the 13 startups, 3 of them belong to the INAM Network - Cellugy (winner of the 2019 AdMaCom), Radisurf (a finalist in the 2019 AdMaCom) and Poligy (also a finalist in the 2019 AdMaCom). At the end of the event, Cellugy went home with the best pitch prize!

The pitch day event was a pre-cursor to the European Chemistry Partnering (ECP) event that was to take place the next day.

At ECP, INAM was able to bring along a few of the chemistry startups in the network including Radisurf (mentioned above), Thermulon (2019 AdMaCom finalist) and INURU. Other startups in our network that were there included Cellugy (mentioned above), Graphenest (2017 AdMaCom finalist), Nano-Join (2017 AdMaCom finalist) and Oreltech (2017 AdMaCom winners). All of the startups were able to pitch and INAM also gave a short presentation.

Overall, the events were successful and it put INAM in touch with many interesting connections in the chemistry world, many of which we hope to see at our future events including AdMaCom 2020.

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