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INAM Celebrates Success: AdMaCom Scale 2023 Program Announces Winners

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Date: 3 November, 2023

INAM is delighted to announce the winners of AdMaCom Scale 2023, a specialised accelerator initiative dedicated to scaling up deep tech startups in Materials Science and adjacent fields. What sets this year's winners apart is not only their exceptional innovation and growth potential but also their global representation.

The AdMaCom Scale program kicked off on 2 October, 2023, ushering these startups into a transformative journey. Over four weeks, they benefited from resources, mentorship, and expert connections to propel their businesses to new heights.

The program reached its zenith with an impressive Demo Day on 26 October, 2023, hosted at Space Shack, Berlin. It was here the startups showcased their innovations to an engaged audience of potential investors and industry leaders. Following careful deliberation, the winners of the AdMaCom Scale 2023 program emerged. These visionary startups demonstrated exceptional promise, innovation, and the potential for significant growth, perfectly aligned with the program's principles.

Meet the Winners

Overall Winner

Nanosci (Warsaw, Poland) deploys nanotechnology for air purification, eradicating smog, odours, and disease agents. Their maintenance-free photocatalytic engine suits public buildings and appliances, delivering top air purification and low electricity consumption. Nanosci redefines clean air solutions.

Mentor's Choice

Elven Technologies (Sacramento, USA) pioneers a versatile, lightweight, and cost-efficient fireproof composite material capable of withstanding direct flames up to 2000°C. This technology finds applications in aerospace, emergency medical services, construction, and defence.

Crowd favourite

Novac (Modena, Italy) addresses limitations in supercapacitor technology, uses patented materials to create customisable supercapacitors without the risk of fire. Their solid-state design enhances safety and resistance to mechanical stress and thermal shocks.

We're equally thrilled to recognise the remarkable achievements of all the AdMaCom Scale 2023 finalists who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with them:

AC Biode (Luxembourg), has expanded beyond AC battery development to battery manufacturing, unique plastic recycling through catalytic pyrolysis, and rapid house construction.

Divigas (Singapore) has developed a hydrogen separation membrane that improves cost efficiency in hydrogen industrial processes and enables cheaper carbon capture.

Imprintec (Bochum, Germany) addresses the need for a fast, cost-effective, non-destructive testing method for mechanical properties. Their technology offers flexibility for various applications and is a solid-state solution.

Klar2O (Bruchsal, Germany) pioneers sustainable microplastics filtration technology, combating microplastic pollution. Their technology showcases exceptional microplastics filtration capabilities, without external pressure, all while championing sustainability.

Volexion (Evanston, USA) offers a graphene encapsulation solution that extends the cycle life of batteries, increases energy density, and reduces cost of production. Volexion's innovation is a drop-in solution with potential applications in many industries.

Oliver Hasse, Managing Director at INAM, shares his enthusiasm for the program's success. "This year's finalists of the AdMaCom Scale programme demonstrate, once again, the importance and power of advanced materials solutions for the challenges of today—be it water or air filtration or enabling 'greener' computing. Our scale-ups have the potential to disrupt existing technologies and create a significant impact."

Picture from AdMaCom Startup Accelerator Demo Day 2023

Are You Next? Join the Ranks of Innovators!

Are you an ambitious startup in the realm of Advanced Materials and Deep Tech, currently at TRL stages 6 to 9? If you're seeking unparalleled support and access to a network of industry leaders and investors, the AdMaCom Scale program should be your top choice.

Share your details here, and don't miss the opportunity to elevate your startup. Be part of the future of Advanced Materials and Deep Tech innovation!

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