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Graphenest CEO on Start Up the Science Podcast

This week's episode of Start Up the Science features Vitor Abrantes, the CEO and one of the founders of Graphenest.

Graphenest has patented both a method and device for the production of graphene nanoplatelets and their use can be extended to the production of other graphene-like materials. They have found a way to exfoliate graphene (that is sourced from 14 different locations) which then results in high-quality graphene nanoplatelets which can be produced in a variety of grades and forms for different applications.

Graphenest has been a part of the INAM network since 2017 when they took part in that year's AdMaCom program. Since then, they have been rapidly growing not only in numbers but also by square meters! Their beautiful facility in Portugal opened early this year and they are ready and open for business on a big scale! 

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To learn more about Graphenest, their technology and their wonderful team, visit their website at or their LinkedIn Page. You can also reach out to Vitor on LinkedIn.

Alternatively, you could email us at and we will gladly put you in touch with her personally.

For questions or comments, please email us at Also, if you or someone you know would like to be a guest on our show, we welcome any and all suggestions!

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