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#FounderFriday: traceless | A future without plastic pollution

85% of all plastics ever produced worldwide are still in landfills or pollute our oceans. Using their innovative, patent pending technology and a circular economy approach, traceless is able to transform agricultural industry residues into novel materials: traceless film, traceless plast and traceless coat.

traceless is a water-insoluble, storage-stable material providing the beneficial properties of conventional plastics while being truly bio-circular. traceless’ materials are ready to replace plastics in a wide range of applications. All products made of traceless material degrade under environmental conditions and are free of hazardous additives or solvents.

Here’s how traceless products work:

Using by-products from agricultural industries like starch or brewery residues as a raw material, they save not only money and energy, but also valuable agricultural land for food production – and achieve huge scale up potential. They then use their patent pending technology to transform raw materials into their base material in a liquid or dry form. Out of that, they are able to produce alternatives for plastic films, hard plastics and coatings which can be used for example for single-use packaging, products with high abrasions that end up in nature as microplastic and products in close contact with humans.

In the end, through composting, traceless becomes a source of nutrition for the environment without leaving a trace! Natural composting conditions break traceless products down in 2-9 weeks, depending on their thickness. And if disposed in other waste streams, traceless doesn't affect recycling or treatment processes.

At the moment the team is looking for companies interested to develop first prototypes and market pilots together with them in order to get early access to the technology and provide their customer with a truly, holistically sustainable product solution. They are looking to help you to be part of the solution – not part of the pollution!

In recent news, traceless was one of the startup finalists for AdMaCom 2020 – INAM’s accelerator for startups in advanced materials. Last week, they were announced as the winner at the 2020 AdMaCom Demo Day. You can watch their winning pitch here:

To learn more about traceless and their materials, visit their website at

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