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#FounderFriday - Thermulon: Non-Combustible and Highly Insulating Materials

Spinning out of Deep Science Ventures in 2019 after researching the problem with building insulation materials, Thermulon was founded with the mission to make buildings energy-efficient without compromising on fire safety. Thermulon has developed a novel chemical pathway to scalably produce nanoporous, highly insulating materials that are also inherently non-combustible: aerogels.

Thermulon addresses a market opportunity (the mass-market for building insulation market is worth over EUR900m in the UK alone), as well as a technological challenge. Beating the trade-off between thermal efficiency, non-combustibility and price is a hard-science problem, solved by Thermulon’s proprietary production process.

Thermulon’s material comes in powder form, meaning it can have a range of applications in building insulation. Thermulon’s insulating powder can be integrated with inorganic binders like lime plaster or concrete and can thus be used on buildings in two main product lines: insulating renders and insulating panels. The main advantages of Thermulon's aerogels are the highly-insulating properties (up to 2x better insulation than the go-to materials: mineral wools) and non-combustibility at an affordable price. With Thermulon, buildings old and new can be energy efficient with a thinner insulation layer, saving valuable floorspace.

On top of that - Thermulon's materials can be produced from waste materials, increasing operational efficiency as well as reducing material wastage to landfill.

Thermulon's team are proud to be a part of the INAM network since AdMaCom 2019. Since the programme, Thermulon's technology has received recognition from the Royal Society of Chemistry (Emerging Technology Prize) and the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE 1851 Enterprise Fellowship).

Also, founders Sam Cryer and Alex Murdoch were on INAM's Start Up the Science Podcast at the beginning on 2019. Hear about their wonderful story here: LISTEN NOW

Thermulon's ambition is to be a leader in high-performance building insulation technology. They are actively looking for partners in the construction industry who'd like to join us to fight the good fight -- do get in touch with Rozalie at or check out if you'd like to learn more.

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