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#FounderFriday: Polylux | Light Switchable Adhesives

PolyLux is an innovative advanced materials company based in the US that is creating a light-switchable adhesive platform. Their main target market is the medical adhesives space as there is a strong and unmet need for an adhesive that attaches stronger than what’s on the market today but releases easy on demand.

The problem PolyLux is aiming to solve in the medical space is MARSI which stands for Medical Adhesive Related Skin Injuries. MARSI is a common but under-recognized complication in wound care. The application and removal of medical adhesive dressings to the skin typically manifests as a skin tear, blistering, moist or macerated skin. And the average cost to fix an incidence of MARSI in the US is $125.

PolyLux’s customer discovery shows that the issue exists for 30% of the hospital population. On top of that, the economic Impact of MARSI in excess care and time costs is around $13B.

And though better dressings and skin barrier products have been introduced, MARSI still exists today.

This is where PolyLux’s disruptive product AuraPeel comes in. AuraPeel is based on a breakthrough photo-responsive adhesive that sticks better than competition but removes easy on demand. With the use of AuraPeel, the wound care team is able to remove and reapply dressings faster with less incidences of trauma in a health-care setting. It can also potentially heals the wounds faster.

INAM was able to get to know PolyLux through the 2020 AdMaCom program where the team won the Mentor’s Choice award. Currently, the team is looking for partnerships, potential investors and additional team members.

To learn more about this innovative startup, visit their website at

Additionally, you can reach out to them at

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