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#FounderFriday: PlastFormance - Highly Functional Injection-Moldable Compounds

PlastFormance is developing and producing injection-moldable compounds with significantly better physical features than what is currently available on the market.

The startup began research to develop new chemical processes for high-performance compounds as early as 2012 at Aicher + Tröbs Produktentwicklung GmbH (ATP). By 2017, many breakthroughs led to successful patents and in 2018, PlastFormance was born - a spin-off of ATP.

Their patented technology allows them to craft compounds with unprecedented filler contents without giving up injection-moulding capabilities. The materials that they create are highly functional – the characteristics of the filler-materials (e.g. thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, electric insulation or radiation shielding) are transferred to the compound while maintaing the processability of the plastics.

Another difference between PlastFormance and their competitors is that they work with isometric, powdery particles. The result of using these particles is that the physical properties (e.g. thermal conductivity) are present throughout all directions of the molded component.

Currently, PlastFormance has more than a dozen high-quality compounds consisting of ceramic or metallic filler-materials in their product portfolio. Important Note: PlastFormance is able to create plastic compounds which have a high thermal conductivity and a high electrical resistance at the same time. This particular combination makes PlastFormance materials interesting for thermal management applications at significantly lower system costs.

In recent news, PlastFormance has joined INAM as a startup members. They will also be featured in an upcoming Start Up the Science podcast episode airing next Tuesday, August 4th 2020. You can listen to the episode here:

For more information about PlastFormance and their product portfolio, visit their website or get in touch with Max, Plastformance's Director of Business Development:

They are currently looking for partners for joint projects on battery cooling systems, fuel cells and electromagnetic interference applications. If you're interested in working together with the team, reach out to Max (Maximilian Funck):

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