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#FounderFriday: Oxafen Tech - Anti-frictional Wear-Resistant Composite Materials

Sending out our first samples for lab testing for an EU customer (Nov 2019)

Oxafen is a thermosetting wear-resistant polymer composite material designed to help with bearing friction losses in heavy duty applications.

Details made of Oxafen's technology can be used in a wide variety of industries in heavy-loaded friction units such as bearings for cranes, vanes for rotary compressors, thrust washers for electrical submersible pumps, etc.

Their material helps improve the reliability and operational characteristics of the units and saves on breakdown losses and maintenance. They offer a cheaper and enhanced wear-resistant alternative to PEEK, PTFE, steel, textolite, tungsten carbide, poliamides, bronze, copper.

INAM first met Oxafen during the 2018 AdMaCom Program where their strong anti-friction technology solidified their place as one of the finalists. Since then, they've been staying active and making headway.

Last May they took part in Venture Forum at EIT Raw Materials Summit 2019. There they were promoting a new application possibility — bearings for boring, drilling machines and other mining equipment. They partnered up with one of the world’s largest producers of mining equipment to conduct a pilot project for replacement of several components. Currently, they are undergoing lab testing and certification with them.

They have also taken part in the Fasttrack program, a startup accelerator for industrial B2B startups where startups have a chance to conduct a pilot project with one of 4 family-owned companies in Southern Germany. Through this, they found a new application possibility for their material in rings & packings which are used for sealing rings for piston rods used in reciprocating compressors in oil & gas and petrochemical industries. In this case, Oxafen acts as a cheaper and more powerful substitute to PEEK material widely used today.

Last but not least, they are entering new

markets outside of Europe. They're currenty launching their expansion to the Middle East to assist more companies and industries in defeating friction by switching from traditional materials to Oxafen. Several companies have shown their interest in testing the solution in a wide variety of heavy industries — compressor equipment, mining, oil&gas and more.

Oxafen Tech's CEO, Vladimir (Vlad) Pankov was on the Start Up the Science Podcast in Season One. On a trip to Berlin, we caught him in time for a quick reocrding where he talks about Oxafen'sjourney. You can listen to the episode here: LISTEN NOW

To find out more about Oxafen, visit their website:

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