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#FounderFriday: Nano-Join - Next Gen Sintering Technologies

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Nano-Join GmbH is a Berlin based company specialized in the development, production and sales of sinter pastes on the basis of silver and copper.

Their pastes offer various solutions for applications in the fields of power and optoelectronics. In addition to the standard solutions for silver sintering, Nano-Join also offers tailor-made R&D projects in many different areas of sintering.

Nano-Join's products distinguish themselves from their competition through a high metal loading (minimum of 92 wt% pure silver) without the addition of any solvents.

Here's their unique approach:

They only use two main components for their paste, a highly designed silver salt and their in-house produced silver micron particles. This innovative process allows them to form a material with an industry standard workability and lead them to a paste-system which is not only capable of sintering surface areas of up to 500 mm2in a pressure less process with very dense silver layers for highest conductivity, but also offers the possibility to sinter surface areas of up to 3000 mm2with a pressure of only 5 MPa. In both cases, a RTh. = 300 W/m*K and a Rel. = 3.0 µΩ*cm are possible, in comparison standard soldering (SAC or Au/Sn) can only offer a maximum RTh. = 100 W/m*K.

INAM met Nano-Join (founders Battist Rabay and Adrian Stelzer - pictured above) through our 2017 AdMaCom program. Since then, they have increased their production capactities, two-fold. They are located in Berlin within the Adlershof Science and Technology Park.

They will also be holding a webinar later this month, they will deep dive into applications for their sintering materials. To get the latest updates on that, give them a follow on linkedin

For more information about nano-join and their innovative sintering pastes, visit their website

Product photos courtesy of Nano-Join

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