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#FounderFriday – Moi Composites | Composites production made simple.

Moi Composites is crafting the next generation of composite products and manufacturing through 3D printing, advanced materials, and digital design. Born as a 2018 spinoff of Politecnico di Milano University, they use robots to create strong, lightweight products in unique sizes, shapes, and performances, cost efficiently on demand.

Moi aims to revolutionize traditional manufacturing and design constraints to change the meaning of creating high-performance products out of composite material and digital technology. A charge toward novel innovations and disruptive concepts.

How are they achieving this? With Continuous Fiber Manufacturing (CFM) Technology – a unique, patented process that combines advanced materials, proprietary software and custom machinery, of course.

Their materials are strong and durable and can achieve high mechanical performances for long-lasting, functional prints. They are also lighter than metal and 8X more powerful than steel when compared weight for weight. Their materials can be placed in smart directions to reduce weight and material waste even further by up to 70%.

Moi’s proprietary software can create new and better designs and achieve optimal geometries that meet custom, high performance requirements now and for the future.

CFM’s software enables printing in any direction to get the most out of continuous fiber composites and generative designs – ideal for maximizing product capabilities.

And finally, their custom machinery doesn’t require molds, autoclave, milling, cutting, trimming, or additional tooling and maintenance, which saves significant production time and money. Not to mention it’s also fast. Moi can shorten time to market and gain agility for rapid design changes allowing customers to make prints that are unachievable using traditional manufacturing.

Their most recent creation made a literal SPLASH! Moi released MAMBO – the world’s first 3D printed fiberglass boat at the Genoa Boat Show. You can read all about it in this article from Forbes.

INAM met CEO Gabriele Natale at the 2018 AdMaCom Program where they were one of the top finalists.

Moi Composites is currently headquartered in Milan, Italy.

Learn more about them at

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