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#FounderFriday - Mater Dynamics: Coverting Non-Electronic Objects into Smart Units

Mater Dyanmics converts non-electronic objects into smart units. Their focus is to reshape the way that businesses and consumers interact with physical products, while promoting best practices towards circular economy and enhancing UX convenience.

INAM first met Mater Dynamics through the 2018 AdMaCom program where they pitched their QStamp® product - an environmentally friendly microelectronic imbedded sensor, for product packaging quality monitoring and traceability. The team, led by Tiago Cunha Reis, won over the mentors with their impressive powerless, low-cost sensor that could be programmed according to standard telecom protocols such as WiFi, GSM or BLE.

Since then, MaterDynamics has been moving forward with new products and technologies. They have recently launched a new technology – Stamply® - which is a new and improved version of Mater Dynamics’ core technology.

Stamply® comes in Different formats for different substrates and needs - Stamply® stickers, Stamply® cards and Stamply® tiles. Once added to the customer’s object of choice, a connection is configured and established via smartphone or gateway which allows users to retrieve data directly.

As of now, Mater Dynamics products are being commercialized in 5 countries, and they have sold up to 80,000 units (and counting!).

The team has worked on other projects using their technology. Most notably (and one of INAM’s favourite appications), Mater Dynamics helped create the world’s first postage stamp with an LED just in time for Christmas last year (2019).

Mater Dynamics is looking for local business representatives in the following countries: Germany, Netherlands, and France and are always looking to partner up with companies with D2C models (direct-2-consumer) that want to reinforce the promotion of circular economy and sustainability. Make sure to visit their website which recently underwent a Stamply® makeover:

If you’d like to speak with Tiago, please reach out to INAM at and we will gladly put you in touch.

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