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#FounderFriday: Lusoco | Revolutionizing Visual Communication

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Lusoco is an innovative Dutch start-up that is developing unique fluorescent inks and enabling technologies for a wide variety of applications. Lusoco offers a platform technology that allows to display an image that on one hand is glowing on demand, but simultaneously is able to generate energy during the day. This results in the next generation of smart signage technology, where zero-energy/energy-generating signage now is possible.

The concept works via fluorescent inks that absorb sunlight and release this again in the form of light; fluorescence. Using this principle on a high refractive index material, for instance glass or polymers, results in a waveguiding principle, similar to an optical cable, where the light is concentrated to the edges of the glass. On these edges, small solar cells are present, collecting this energy, which subsequently is stored in a battery. During the night, this principle is reversed, by illuminating from the edge of the glass, resulting in glowing of the image.

As this principle of glowing only occurs in places where the ink is present, a high contrast image is achieved, which can be illuminated by very mild illumination conditions, hence a higher contrast is achieved, with significantly lower light outputs. When using the solar cell technology, a sign that does not use any energy from the grid is achieved, while when not using solar cell technology, this principle still allows images to use far less energy than a conventional sign.

For the fluorescent inks, Lusoco develops two kinds of inks; inks that are visible during the day and fluoresce, and inks that are invisible, but only fluoresce on demand. Combining these properties allows Lusoco technology to be applied in a broad sense, where depending on the customer demand, existing markets and new markets can be approached in the field of signage, where our first sales are taking place, and to further expand the technology in automotive, where invisible prints in glass become visible on demand. Strategic partnerships with corporate partners that are operating in various market segments are key for introducing the technology in the target markets.

Lusoco recently started fundraising and is interested in investors that are connected in technology, chemistry and hardware. Next to this, Lusoco is interested in corporate partners that need fluorescent inks or prints.

INAM was first introduced to the Lusoco team during the 2020 AdMaCom Program where they were one of the top finalists.

Lusoco is currently headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Learn more about them at

Lusoco, de Lismortel 31, Eindhoven, the Netherlands – contact at

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