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#FounderFriday - IDUN Technologies: Enabling the Internet of Humans

Swiss ETH spin-off, IDUN Technologies, develops and manufactures comfortable sensors providing unparalleled signal quality for wearable devices.

IDUN Technologies offers preparation-free and skin-conformal biopotential electrodes with excellent recording quality that enables wearables for future healthcare needs and the Internet of Humans. They aim to be the best interface between the user’s skin and wearable devices to connect humans in everyday life. The Dryode™ is the first product in a development pipeline working towards continuous body monitoring for sports diagnostics, well-being and brain-computer interfaces.

The global wearable market has been steadily growing in the past few years with a

growth of 94.6% in Q32019 (according to IDC’s Worldwide Wearable Shipment report). However, biometric wearables (ECG, EEG, EMG) in the consumer mass market face high entry barriers. To ensure accuracy and comfort, electrodes need to be highly conductive, as well as soft and skin-conformal. Currently there is no scalable solution for complex applications, such as in-ear or through-hair brain monitoring that is accurate, as well as comfortable and unobtrusive. Complex 3D structures and a challenging skin-electrode interface also pose profound technical challenges for biosensing.

IDUN Technologies has found a solution. The proprietary Dryode™ material and physiology know-how deliver customized, comfortable electrodes with unparalleled signal quality for brain and vital sign monitoring in hearables, as well as in gaming and VR headsets.

INAM met IDUN Technologies through our 2019 AdMaCom program. They also simultaneously participated in the Sony Startup Acceleration Program Europe, which now has resulted in an investment from Sony. This allows IDUN Technologies to further explore how its technology can be used in future products.

To learn more about IDUN and their Technologies, visit their website:

We also had Severine (Co-Founder and CCO) and Katja (Materials Engineer) on INAM's Start Up the Science podcast at the beginning of the year. Listen to their episode now:

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