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#FounderFriday - HYMET: Keeping electronics cool, effectively

HYMET ushers in a new era of higher performing, lighter, cooler, longer lasting and more beautiful products in solid state lighting, computing, electric vehicles and many other industries.

Their new thermal interface materials combine the best features of greases, tapes and foams into one product enabling new designs, smaller heatsinks and cluster component cooling with ease. It is tacky like grease, can be made into large sheets, is highly anisotropic, can also be manufactured to any thickness or cut to any shape. HYMET's material spreads heat extremely well - so well that it can compress up to 70% in plastic deformation. Superior to nearly all greases, pastes, foam or tapes in price, performance and practicality, HYMET thermal interfaces have no analogue and provide dramatic improvements to a foundational technology in the electronics industry - thermal management.

INAM and HYMET crossed paths through the Commercialization Reactor – an international platform, based in Latvia, that brings together scientists, startup founders, inventors and industrial corporations together for science commercialization.

Founded only this past February, HYMET’s founders are moving quickly and will shortly close their 50K EURO pre-seed round of investment. This winter, HyMet will begin providing interested parties with samples and conducting pilot testing with manufacturers and electronic industry partners. There is currently an open call for interested partners in the areas of solid state lighting, electric vehicles, consumer electronics, raw materials manufacturing, computing and solar.

HYMET is also growing their team of advisors with experience in the above industries as well as thermal interfaces in general. If you are interested in more information, visit or reach out directly at

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