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#FounderFriday – GrOwnValve | Saving Lives Through Innovation

1.35 million babies are born with a congenital heart defect each year. Of these, 400,000 have heart valve defects but there is no durable valve replacement on the market. GrOwnValve aims to fulfill that unmet clinical need.

GrOwnValve is a pre-clinical stage medical device company, developing a unique heart valve prosthesis system. Their completely new prosthetic valve for adults and children, will be implanted using a low-risk transcatheter technique.

The valves will come to market as a procedure pack that enables a safe, affordable and easy-to-use minimally invasive heart valve replacement made from the patient’s own tissue. Using the patient’s own endogenous tissue gives the valves lifelong durability – a once-in-a-lifetime solution that is affordable for patients and healthcare providers worldwide.

INAM met the GrOwnValve team during the Spring Edition of the 2021 AdMaCom Program where they were named the overall winner at the Demo Day.

Dr. Boris Schmitt, CEO and Founder of GrOwnValve, will be on INAM’s Start Up the Science Podcast which airs 24 August 2021. In the episode, Boris speaks more on the technology, the impact and the motivation behind starting this innovative company.

GrOwnValve is currently located in Berlin, Germany and you can learn more about them by visiting their website:

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