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#FounderFriday: FLEEP Technologies - Flexible and Sustainable Electronic Systems

FLEEP Tehnologies is the sustainable electronics solution for flexible, transparent and recyclable electronics. They are a spin-off project of the Italian Institute of Technology devoted to the fabrication of flexible integrated circuits. FLEEP employ only carbon-based materials making their electronics devices recyclable and are applying their technology to the biomedical and packaging industries.

FLEEP Technologies represents one of the companies in the world that is able to achieve intelligent micro and nano-electronic circuits completely printed on different materials, paving the way for the realization of entire flexible systems.

Recently, FLEEP closed a seed investment round of 800 thousand euros to bring their printed electronics to market. Together with the Pariter Partners Syndicate, Italian Angels for Growth (IAG), Club degli Investitori and the Cogliati Family, FLEEP will be able to bring their flexible and sustainable electronic systems for the packaging and biomedical industries to market in 3 years.

We first met the FLEEP team, Giorgio Dell'Erba and Paolo Colpani, at our 2019 AdMaCamp program where they were one of our startup finalists. At the time, they were only a few months old but already gaining traction.

You can hear them talk about their technology and more on our Start Up the Science Podcast!

Check out their episode here: LISTEN NOW

To learn more about FleepTech, visit their website or their LinkedIn.

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