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#FounderFriday – Fibrecoat | Revolutionizing the Composites Market

Fibrecoat is a spin off of RWTH Aachen University. They produce high performance composite fibres using their patented coating device which they install on rented fibre spinning plants. This approach keeps their CapEx low, and the production flexible while enabling them to create both metal coated fibres as well as polymer coated fibres. FiberCoat is able to coat individual filaments during the manufacturing process using their coating technology, achieving a production speed of over 1,500 m/min and a completely uniform sheathing.

By making high-performance materials affordable, FibreCoat is targeting the basic building blocks of our society and industry. As anything is made out of materials, affordable high-performance materials will disrupt todays markets and let many more people profit from the advances in material sciences. Overall affordable materials lead to an affordable future.

In January 2021, FibreCoat launched ALUCOAT™, an aluminum-coated basalt fibre which is suitable as electro-magnetic shielding material in automotive applications such as battery or e-drive casings as well as for mobile phones and as wallpapers in buildings.

These fibres are ten times cheaper than comparable conductive fibres, which are currently in great demand for applications in e-mobility or electromagnetic shielding. Compared to traditional composite materials, ALUCOAT’s™ extraordinary thermal conductivity and heat transfer capabilities mean it is ideal for applications such as battery casings, electric diverters in filters, reinforcement of cast aluminum parts or as conductive yarns in smart textiles.

To learn more about Fibrecoat and ALUCOAT™, visit

Fibrecoat is also the newest startup member to have joined the INAM Network. Read the Press Release.

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