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#FounderFriday - ELDICO | Shaping the future of crystallography

ELDICO develops, produces, and sells electron diffractometers, i.e. analytical instruments for solid chemical compounds, enabling industry and academia to characterize nano-crystalline systems that have not been analysed so far. Especially designed for the use in crystallography, ELDICO's electron diffractometer combines existing proven technologies and key components from X-ray crystallography and electron microscopy into a new instrument. Key features are:

  • direct atomic structure investigation on the nano-scale;

  • yet unseen extreme precise rotation of 300 nm to deliver unparalleled results;

  • table-top home device instead of vertical 4 meter electron microscope column.

Atomic structure characterisation of solid-state compounds is vital and at the same time challenging for many disciplines in the Advanced Materials sector such as renewable energies, e.g. Battery ingredients such as lithium compounds can’t be understood well enough with common methods but correct nano-scale investigation is a must.

By building an electron diffractometer, which is a new disruptive instrument combining existing technologies and principles from X-ray diffraction and electron microscopes, ELDICO helps to overcome the well-known shortcomings from existing methods such as X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopes (TEM) or other approximative methods such as X-ray powder diffraction (XRPD) or NMR.

ELDICO helps obtain exact atomic structures without troublesome preparative chemistry - faster, with better quality and at lower cost compared to any other method available today.

INAM welcomes ELDICO and their team as one of the newest startup members of the network.

To learn more about ELDICO Scientific, visit their website

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