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#FounderFriday: ClimAd Technology – Climate Adaptive Window Films

ClimAd Technology introduces an innovative window film, that upgrades the appearance of a building and people’s well-being, saves energy, and is cost-effective. This increases the acceptance by people to renovate their buildings and accelerates the energy transition..

The films tackle both the need to reduce required energy for cooling of interior spaces and introduce colorful design flexibility of glazing. Solar heat is rejected, which, saves energy on cooling loads and improves indoor thermal comfort. By introducing a wide range of transparent and colored films, design flexibility is increased. Glazed facades get a unique look and will brighten up the urban landscape. The colors even change with viewing angle and sunlight conditions. A building will come to life! Also, the intriguing interior light decors that are created provide inspiring and comfortable environments for people to work and live in. The films can be simply adhered to existing window panes of buildings and therefore allow for simple and cost-effective building renovations.

Moreover, ClimAd Technology focuses on adaptive window films. These films autonomously change with the outdoor weather conditions. With changing outdoor temperature and/or light intensity, the films adapt their visible light transmission and solar heat rejection. Therefore, they self-regulate the interior daylight comfort and natural heating of buildings. This is ideal for places in which weather conditions fluctuate more frequently throughout the day and season.

Founded in December 2019, the ClimAd Technology team contains mixed expertise in technology development and creating business in Europe and China. Now, they established multiple collaborations with academia and industry to develop and roll-out their technology further. Currently, they are in the process of upscaling their colorful window film technology and are looking for partners for real-scale demonstration projects in 2022.

For more information on their window film technology, visit or e-mail to

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