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#FounderFriday - Cellugy: A Biodegradable Solution for Plastic Packaging

Cellugy is an early stage biotech company working in the development of biomaterials that can be used to sustainably replace plastic in applications such as packaging. The startup was founded in 2018 in Aarhus (Denmark), to address the massive challenge of plastic pollution. Plastic is everywhere around us. However, its most valuable properties (durability and resistance) also make it the scourge of the century. Cellugy uses biofabrication to develop high-performing nanocellulose materials with the aim of offering the right environmentally friendly alternative in packaging solutions.

EcoFLEXY, our product, can be either recycled in the paperboard stream or home composted. #EcoFLEXY, if leaked into the environment, can safely biodegrade in a short time, leaving no toxic residues behind but nutrients instead. And what is also worth mentioning: the production of EcoFLEXY can potentially drop CO2 emissions by 94% compared to the production of conventional plastics and at the same time enables a circular economy for hard-to-recycle packaging products.


INAM had their first encounter with Cellugy during our 2019 AdMaCom where the team (led by Isabel Álvarez-Martos) walked away with the grand prize. After AdMaCom, they also won the first place at the Global Innovation Summit in China (hosted by INAM member InnoEU) and they were runners-up in the National Geographic and Sky Ocean Ventures Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge in Washington, DC, USA.


The Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge, led to an investment proposal from Sky Ocean Ventures, in the start of 2020. This was followed up with the PreSeed Grant from the BioInnovation Institute, funded by Novo Nordisk Foundation. With Cellugy preparing for the pre-pilot set-up, funding will enable them to hire key employees to grow their company - so keep an eye on their LinkedIn profile and/or Cellugy's website. They are always open for partnerships throughout their supply chain, and for that, reach out to the team for more details -

Cellugy's Serena Leka was on INAM's Start Up the Science Podcast earlier in the year talking about Cellugy as well as giving a few tips and tricks on how to give a great pitch. She will be on the podcast again in our upcoming "special episode" - so stay tuned!

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