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#FounderFriday: Catalyco - New and Improved Industrial Catalysts

Catalyco is a producer of high surface area zinc oxide for applications in tire and rubber, ceramics, glass, and chemical industry. They offer a unique ZnO product with extra high surface area (100 m2/g) and low impurities when compared with their competitors. Their value proposition is to reduce the overall consumption and costs of ZnO and improve the environmental footprint of their customer's products. The industry already shows interest in reducing the amounts of ZnO. By reducing amounts, it will provide several benefits starting with reduced costs and reduced weight of the end product (tires and rubber products). Based on 30+ years of research and development, Catalyco has developed a proven technology to produce extra high surface area ZnO with unique structures and significantly reduced impurities of Cd, Cu, Mn, and Na. Their unique precipitation method does not use nitrates or chlorides. This method prevents the presence of impurities and the need for using significant amounts of wastewater to wash them. Bonus: it's environmentally friendly!

INAM met Catalyco CEO Reinis Spunde through the 2017 AdMaCom Program. Since then, the Latvian startup has been steadily learning and growing. They have partnered with both the Commercialization Reactor in Latvia as well as EIT Raw Materials and are currently running tests with several industrial partners such as Arlanxeo, Lanxess, Continental and Haldor Topsoe. 

With recent growth, Catalyco is looking to complement the team with expertise in setting up a chemical production plant starting with a laboratory setup, product certification, toll manufacturing, etc. If you feel like this challenge is for you and you want to take part in turning the rubber and tire industry towards sustainability, please get in contact with them!

Visit their website or contact them directly at

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