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#FounderFriday – CarbonX | More than just carbon.

CarbonX is an advanced materials company co-founded by Rutger van Raalten and Dr. Daniela Sordi in 2014. Rutger was part the team that invented CarbonX® in 2007 at the Department of Chemical Engineering at TU Delft. As an expert in functionalised carbon nanomaterials for smart and sustainable applications, Daniela was the first to validate the potential of the new material.

CarbonX® is a new carbon material composed of nano-sized carbon filaments which are chemically connected to form a 3D network. This unique structure makes it possible to combine properties in new ways, the key to unlocking new design possibilities that deliver both high performance and greater sustainability.

CarbonX® is made by emulsifying an oil feedstock which then functions as a “blueprint” to create itsdistinctivestructure. The emulsion is vital for achieving the uniform properties that define each grade.

CarbonX® is often described as missing link between the performance of a nano-structure and the processability of a micron-sized material. Its isotropic, porous, and micron-sized structure provides the basis for excellent processability and homogeneity when it is embedded in a polymeric matrix.

CarbonX helps clients improve the sustainability of their products without compromising performance. In tires, CarbonX® enables tire makers to maximize fuel efficiency and durability at the same time – an effective means for reducing CO2 emissions, TRWP, and tire waste.

For conductive plastics, CarbonX® offers excellent conductivity and impact resistance. It is also easier to process and can be recycled multiple times without loss of mechanical and electrical properties, so that faulty parts or off-cuts can be re-processed directly instead of being thrown away – thus improving resource efficiency and reducing waste.

CarbonX is currently focused on developing and scaling up innovative solutions for clients in tires, conductive plastics, and batteries. The company is especially thrilled announce that high-performance bicycle racing tires and PCR winter tires containing CarbonX® will be commercially available starting in Autumn 2021.

To learn more about CarbonX, visit the company’s website at

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