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#FounderFriday - Brain of Materials: The single source of truth for material innovation

Brain of Materials is a B2B platform for material innovation. Made for designers, engineers, architects, and anyone enthusiastic about smart materials. Their goal is to make innovative materials suitable for industrial use, while enabling product managers to significantly speed up their development cycles.

Brain of Materials is a spin-off from the imat group, one of the leading service providers for engineering and testing services in the automotive industry. With over 30 years of experience in material testing, they realized that every single car manufacturer was struggling with the lack of a single source for material data that suits different requirements along the supply chain.

This lack of transparent data can quickly lead to uninformed decisions made by the designers and engineers which, in turn, might cause delays in production. Brain of Materials was built to tackle this problem by proving what they call “the single source of truth for material innovation.” Their mission is to make the world’s material information accessible in one place.

Brain of Materials recently became one of INAM’s newest startup members with hopes of future collaborations between them and the other members of our network. They are always looking for exciting and innovative materials – whether produced by startups, large industry players or research institutions. They are also looking to partner with startups and corporates in the areas of digital scanning, image digitalization and computer vision.

At the moment, Brain of Materials is offering free digital surface scans of any material sample that material manufacturers want to upload on their platform. Also, material manufacturers can now order certified tests for their material directly via Brain of Materials. They will make sure to conduct the tests according to all necessary measures and parameters at one of their partner laboratories and will deliver the test results right into the customer’s inbox.

Brain of Materials will be featured in the upcoming Start Up the Science episode (airing on Tuesday, 8 September 2020). Make sure to tune in and hear Jan Gerber, COO and Stanislaw Grünstein, the Strategy and Operations Manager, talk more in depth about Brain of Materials and their single source of truth for material innovation.

To learn more about Brain of Materials, visit their website at

Or contact them directly at

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