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#FounderFriday – Bloom Biorenewables | Making Biomass a True Alternative to Petroleum

Bloom is a Swiss science-driven company driving the world’s transition to a circular economy by transforming non-edible biomass into high performance products.

Created in 2019, Bloom Biorenewables SA is a spin-off from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). They develop and commercialize breakthrough technologies to sustainably produce chemicals and materials from non-edible biomass, addressing the increasing demand from consumers for renewable, unpolluting, and carbon-neutral products in their day-to-day lives. The vision is to enable an efficient utilisation of resources and promote the shift towards a green and circular society.

Bloom maximizes the usage of plant material with cutting-edge science. Their technology offers the possibility to break through current limitations. With their aldehyde-assisted fractionation (AAF) technology, they efficiently separate the cellulose fraction while stabilizing lignin polymer and hemicellulose-derived sugars. These stabilized structures allow, for the first time, to valorize the full potential of lignin and hemicellulose.

With this disruptive technology, Bloom provides customers with product solutions that enable the transition from a linear petro-based economy to a circular, plant-based economy. They can provide alternatives to various non-sustainable ingredients heavily used in cosmetics & homecare products, functional materials, food & nutraceuticals, plastics and fuels.

INAM met the Bloom team during the 2020 AdMaCom Program where they were one of the top finalists and winner of the Crowd Favourite award.

Currently, you can find the Bloom headquarters in Marly, Swizerland. Learn more about them at

Get in touch with the team:

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