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#FounderFriday - AdMaCom Start Ups | Part 2

Last week we featured six of the startup finalists from the 2021 AdMaCom Spring Edition program. This week we are featuring the remaining 5 startups. These teams have gone through a very thorough and competitive evaluation process as well as a record number of applications. Today is their Demo Day (starts at 14:00 CEST) and you can watch them give their final pitches on the INAM YouTube Channel (don't forget to subscribe!) or click the video below:

IonKraft | Aachen |

About the startup: IonKraft is here to make plastic packaging recyclable. Packaging materials for chemical products must meet high requirements in terms of gas barrier and chemical resistance. The current solution of multi-material containers compromises its recyclability and costs for functionality. We can deliver the same performance for lower costs, without compromising on recyclability.

What's new and innovative?: The solution comes with a coating that is applied using plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD). Their patented coating reactor design enables them to equip large-volume plastic containers with their coatings.


Lios | Dublin, Ireland |

About the startup: Lios is empowering the building of tomorrow’s quieter world – eradicating noise pollution and avoidable hearing damage. SoundBounce by Lios is a novel acoustic material for use in the automotive, aerospace, construction and power generation industries. It is up to 3 times thinner and 1,000 times more effective than traditional solutions.

What's new and innovative?: SoundBounce is a game-changing innovation in the acoustic materials industry. Existing acoustic materials are thick and heavy, limiting innovation in the sector. SoundBounce offers vastly superior acoustic absorption at a fraction of the thickness and at equivalent cost to current state-of-the-art materials. It uses advanced metamaterial technology to bypass a critical technical bottleneck.


Nanoz | Rousset, France |

About the startup: Nanoz Gas Sensors give you infinite possibilities. You can integrate the latest Nanoz Gas sensors into watches, phones and other products. The detection range of their sensor is 4 times greater than other sensors, despite being one of the smallest models on the market (only 1.15 mm long, 1.15mm wide and 0.45 mm high). They also ensure that our sensors can be Selective speficif gases.

What's new and innovative?: Nanoz sensors are able to detect gas in a multigas environment.


Polymertal | Haifa, Israel |

About the startup: Polymertal provides a turnkey solution from development to manufacturing of sustainable parts. Polymertal is able to unleash the creativity of complex engineering challenges by applying metallization of polymers to introduce the all-new hybrid part solution.

What's new and innovative?: Polymertal provides parts that are: Lighter in weight, have superior mechanical strength, are thermally and electrically conductive, protect against EMI (electro-magnetic interference) and are sustainable – made from recycled materials.


QNA Technology | Wrocław, Poland |

About the startup: QNA Technology is developing unique semiconductor materials, called colloidal quantum dots, and inks based on these. The company is focusing on the biggest challenge for this industry, working on development of blue light emitting, heavy metals free QNA.dots, with the dot's surface compatible for different applications.

What's new and innovative?: Firstly, QNA Technology developed deep blue (400-435 nm) light-emitting, Cd-Free QDs, which provide high optical quality and long-term stability. Second, QNA’s knowledge of quantum dot surface modification makes it possible to prepare ink ( tailored to various types of substrates (paper, metal, glass, plastics) and printing heads (inkjet, UPD, screen printing). And lastly, their technology is scalable and can grow in scale with business partners providing them with supplies for production after their product development is complete

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