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#FounderFriday - AdMaCom Start Ups | Part 2

Last week we featured six of the startup finalists from the 2020 AdMaCom program. This week we are featuring the remaining 5 startups. These teams have gone through a very thorough and competitive evaluation process as well as a record number of applications. And yesterday they completed the intensive 2 week accelerator program by giving their final pitches at the livestreamed Demo Day!

You can watch the Demo Day on the INAM YouTube Channel (don't forget to subscribe!) or click the video below:

See these 5 teams as well as the other 6 teams pitch their final pitches in the video above!

Made of Air | Berlin,Germany |

About the startup: Made of Air is a carbon-negative materials company. We take low-value wood waste and transform it into high-value, carbon-negative thermoplastics. These thermoplastics can be formed with all traditional heat-forming methods and used for a wide variety of applications including the automotive, furniture, and built environment industries.

What's new and innovative?: The idea and method of making carbon negative materials.


PlastFormance | Teisendorf, Germany |

About the startup: PlastFormance develops and distributes plastic compounds with extremely high filler contents, resulting in new material attributes inherited by metallic and ceramic powder fillings. All our materials remain capable of injection-moulding.

What's new and innovative?: The patented PlastFormance technology makes it possible to maintain the injection-moulding capability even at very high filler contents (80 % vol.). At this fill rate unprecedented physical properties such as high thermal conductivities can be achieved - an ideal substitution for metal parts!


PolyLux | Akron, Ohio, USA |

About the startup: PolyLux is an innovative advanced materials company that is creating a light-switchable adhesive platform. Our main target market is the medical adhesives space as there is a strong and unmet need for an adhesive that attaches stronger than what’s on the market today but releases easy on demand.

What's new and innovative?: There is no light switchable medical dressings on the market yet, and we strive to be the first human friendly light switchable medical dressing to get to market.


Quantum Solutions | Chilworth, UK |

About the startup: Quantum Solutions is a high-tech company that develops and manufactures new nano-materials called "Quantum Dots". Established in 2017, Quantum Solutions has been trading with tens of companies and universities worldwide specifically in Europe, Asia and the USA, and is recognized as a provider of high-quality quantum dot materials.

What's new and innovative?: Quantum Solutions has developed two types of unique quantum dots:

  1. QDot™ "Perovskite" is a luminescent material used in displays (LCD, OLED, uLED) to enhance its brightness and color gamut; and

  2. QDot™ "PbS" is a light absorbing material used for image sensors to increase sensitivity in dark, which is useful for face recognition, autonomous driving, machine vision, VR/AR and night vision goggles.


Traceless | Hamburg, Germany |

About the startup: It is traceless’ mission to make a substantial contribution to solving the global plastic pollution. Based on our patented technology we produce a novel material whose qualities are comparable to those of conventional (bio)plastics while being completely (bio)circular. Our material is based on agricultural residues, home compostable, harmless for environment and humans, and competitively priced.

What's new and innovative?: traceless has potential to disrupt the market for bio-based plastic substitutes - using properties inherent in agricultural residues, our material is 100% bio-based while not competing with food production and truly home compostable, avoiding further plastic pollution. We don’t need environmentally harmful additives and have huge scale-up potential due to the global presence of our raw materials.

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