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#FounderFriday - AdMaCom Spring 2021 Start Ups: Part 1

With the 2021 AdMaCom Spring Edition program well underway, we wanted to dedicate the next 2 Founder Fridays to our start up finalists. These teams have gone through a very thorough and competitive evaluation process as well as a record number of applications.

The current program began this past Monday, April 26th 2021. The startups have been going through workshops, trainings and mentoring sessions and they still have 1 more week to go. Their journeys will conclude with a Livestreamed Demo Day which is open for registrations now.

Here are 6 of our teams you will see at the Demo Day (stay tuned next week for the other teams!):

Biomodics Aps | Lyngby, Denmark |

About the startup: Biomodics offers cutting-edge chemistries to improve materials for health-care and industrial applications. They deliver solutions which improves standard procedures without adverse effects. Their focus is to create a product portfolio making hospitals safe, improve quality-of-life and reducing health-care costs.

What's new and innovative?: They deliver a chemistry enabling safe treatment of infections without side effects.


CompPair | Lausanne, Switzerland |

About the startup: Current composite materials are sensitive to cracks, need expensive maintenance and are hard to recycle. Their solution cuts repair time from hours to minutes, extends product-life and makes the recycling process more efficient. CompPair brings on the market healable and sustainable composite material solutions to improve circularity.

What's new and innovative?: Answering problems of durability and sustainability, CompPair drastically reduces maintenance costs, improves recycling of composite parts while keeping standard specifications. CompPair products are preimpregnated textiles integrating a novel chemistry to produce healable and sustainable composites; extending their life-time and improving circularity.


COnovate | Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA |

About the startup: COnovate is commercializing a novel nanomaterial that is the world’s only form of solid carbon monoxide at room temperature and pressure with a unique set of beneficial properties. With this promising COPHITE composite material, COnovate will enable a world where LIBs power your phone for days, energize your electric car for long distances and charge within minutes, all without risk of fire.

What's new and innovative?: COnovate’s materials offer a safer solution with improved capacity (2x) and faster charging (6x) times that can be used with current battery materials, designs and manufacturing equipment. This enables initial adoption as an additive that will progress to full replacement in successive steps of improved battery manufacturing.


Enlipsium | Singapore, Singapore |

About the startup: Enlipsium is a spin off company from the National University of Singapore, working on nano-perovskite materials as scintillator. With our proprietary materials, we are now building X-ray detectors, making them safer, faster and more accurate. Our key target markets include Medical Imaging and Industrial Systems.

What's new and innovative?: Traditionally, scintillators for imaging are made of bulk crystals such as Cesium Iodide that are grown at high temperature, rigid and difficult to produce in large sizes. Enlipsium has developed out scintillators using nano-size perovskite crystals instead, they are synthesized at low temperatures, coated to form a flexible scintillator with no restriction in size or shape. Due to the nature of perovskite crystals, our scintillators are ultra fast with short afterglow time and the nano-sized crystals provides very high resolution for imaging.


GrOwnValve GmbH | Berlin, Germany |

About the startup: GrOwnValve is fulfilling an unmet clinical need with a completely new prosthetic valve for adults and children, implanted using a low-risk transcatheter technique. Their valve is made from patient-donated (endogenous) tissue, giving it lifelong durability: a once-in-a-lifetime solution that is affordable for patients and healthcare providers worldwide.

What's new and innovative?: Individual autologous heart valve manufacturing, crosslinker for non-toxic auto tissue treatment, 3D shaping of heart valve and delivery system for jugular vein implantation.


iBeam Materials | Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA |

About the startup: iBeam Materials seeks to disrupt the Lighting and Display industries by the creation of large-area sheets of bright inorganic LEDs. They would like to partner with industry to transform the world of Light by enabling a new generation of products that have new form factors and are more energy-efficient, brighter, and have very large growth potential.

What's new and innovative?: iBeam uses an ion-beam nano-crystal-alignment process to create a single-crystal-like layer as a template for epitaxy on non-conventional substrates such as metal foils, glass, ceramics. Instead of using industry-standard small and rigid wafers of single-crystal sapphire or silicon for deposition of LEDs, now large sheets of LEDs can be manufactured that enable new products such as super-bright energy-efficient flexible displays.

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