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#FounderFriday - Honouring all of the AdMaCamp Startups

This week, we would like to feature all of the AdMaCamp founders and startups for #founderfriday! This week has been an intense week of many different workshops, training and mentoring sessions. To celebrate their accomplishments, we wanted to feature the founders that we have had the pleasure of getting to know better this week.


Tadashi Kubo has been representing ACBiode all week and we have to mention that he has been such a trooper. With being the only one with such an extreme time difference (JAPAN!), Tadashi has had to take some of his mentoring sessions in the wee hours of the morning his time. That is dedication! Visit Tadashi's LinkedIn


We hope you can watch our livestreamed Demo Day this friday because you'll be able to listen to the story behind Blacktop Labs' technology. Tanya Colanna and Hobey Tam are the athletic minds behind this startup and have been with us all week from the Netherlands. Visit Tanya's LinkedIn & Visit Hobey's LinkedIn


Dominique Waddoup, the CSO and Co-Founder of Birdshades joined us this week for AdMaCamp and has made us aware of the frightening fact that countless amounts of birds are dying every year due to window collisions! Their window coatings can save birds from horrible deaths and that makes them such a loveable startup. Visit Dominique's LinkedIn


The CEO and Founder of Chemitek, César Martins, wanted to join AdMaCamp regardless of his busy schedule and we are so glad he opted in. We definitely have a soft spot for startups coming from Braga, Portugal (Graphenest, RubynanoMed, BestHealth4U, etc...) and Chemitek can now be added to that bunch! Visit César's LinkedIn


COALTECH has created a coating that kills all kinds of viruses (incuding coronavirus) which is incredibly relevant right now. Martins Grotuss is the CEO fo COALTECH and he's been with us all week. Visit Martins' LinkedIn


Danish Graphene might be our favourite name for a startups because it's all encompassing. Andreas Brunsgaard Laursen has been leading the charge for this Graphene startup and we've been loving his enthusiastic spirit! Visit Andreas' LinkedIn


DEED is developing the sleekest Italian wearable of the future. CEO and Founder of DEED, Edoardo Parini, has joined us this week and we have been intrigued about how their wearable with bone conductivity works and asking ourselves, "when can we try that?!" Visit Edoardo's LinkedIn


We met Fili Pari pre-corona during our Advanced Fabrics Open Innovation Challenge last year where they were a finalist. Co-Founders Alice Zantedeschi and Francesca Pievani are turning marble (as in the big chunks of rock) into a thin film that is soft enough to wear! Visit Alice's LinkedIn & Visit Francesca's LinkedIn


Garnet has taught us that our current cargo xray machines are not as accurate as you might expect! Founder, Alexey Katukhov, has come up with a solution that gets a more accurate inspection readings and much faster rate! Visit Alexey's LinkedIn


Firstly, this startup is from Cyprus and in INAM history, this is the first startup from Cyprus we've come to know. You can tell that founders Fabio Montagnino and George Artopoulos have a lot of cumulative experience in innovation, science and architecture. Visit Fabio's LinkedIn and Visit George's LinkedIn.


Molecular Quantum Solutions were involved in the #Hackcorona Hackathon that INAM partnered for about a month ago. Founders Mark Jones and Łukasz Ruszczyński have already made some connections during the program for collaborations that would incorporate their computational tools and that makes us so very happy and excited. Visit Mark's LinkedIn & Visit Łukasz's LinkedIn


It has been a pleasure getting to know all 4 team members of Project CerAMing. They are the youngest startup (idea stage) of the group but they are a very young, dynamic group hailing from right here in Berlin and we are so glad they were able to join us for this program!


TIWARI Scientific Instruments has been a name we've heard through various connections here in Germany and we were able to introduce them to our first SPACE related startup NextAero back in 2018. Siddarth Tiwari, founder and Managing Director of TIWARI, has been an amazing addition to this program and we are so happy to finally have had them in a program! Visit Siddarth's LinkedIn

All of these wonderful founders and startups will be pitching TODAY (Friday, 15 May 2020) at 15:00 CEST and you can catch it LIVESTREAMED on our youtube channel. To find out more visit our EVENTBRITE PAGE or just head over to our YOUTUBE CHANNEL now.

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