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Fanya Ismail of SGMA on Start Up the Science Podcast

On this episode of Start Up the Science, we had the honor of speaking with Fanya Ismail, CEO of Sol-Gel Materials and Applications (SGMA).

Fanya is an entrepreneur, with expertise that span the chemistry, business and legal sector. Using her expertise from each sector she built SGMA, an advanced chemical company focusing on the development of sol-gel technology, delivering solutions to sustainability problems.

Her company, SGMA, delivers solutions that are extracted from sand, sustainable and provide alternatives to plastic and a route to create effective non fossil fuel-based chemicals by using non-toxic raw materials that are available globally.

SGMA’s barrier coating for fibre-based packaging provides an excellent example of how we can make a difference. Our barrier coating for fibre-based packaging provides a complete solution to replace single-use plastics and eliminates confusion among users and customers.

Completely free from micro plastics, our technology helps also fits seamlessly into the recycling infrastructure of any country by providing a solution that is biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. The product currently is in process of getting certified for food contact in Europe and America.

To learn more about SGMA, visit their website:

For questions or comments, please email us at Also, if you or someone you know would like to be a guest on our show, we welcome any and all suggestions!

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