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faCellitate on the Start Up the Science Podcast

On this episode of Start Up the Science, we have the wonderful Véronique Schwartz and Tobias Mentzel from faCellitate!

faCellitate is a Venture Team of Chemovator GmbH. It was created in 2018 from a BASF research project by an interdisciplinary team consisting of chemists and biologists with long-term experience in material design. The resulting product ideas have been developed to market maturity in the Chemovator, the internal business incubator of BASF. faCellitate specializes in the development of polymer surface coatings for laboratory consumables to create a fully synthetic, biologically relevant environment for cell-based assays. The highly defined and standardized products are used in areas of biomedical research such as cancer and stem cell research, early drug discovery and toxicology to enable and significantly refine the efficiency and predictability of preclinical cell-based models. In May 2020, the team launched BIOFLOAT ™, their first product line that offers an advanced cell-inert surface coating for 3D culture with superior reliability and consistency. To learn more about faCellitate, visit their website at

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