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Empowering Innovation: Deep Tech Startups Thrive at Advanced Materials Lab Demo Day

Date: 12 March, 2024

From sustainable energy solutions to cutting-edge healthcare technologies, meet the 6 disruptive startups poised to transform industries with INAM's support.

The Advanced Materials Lab (AdMaLab) program is a 6-month program crafted by industry experts to empower early-stage deep tech startups. It aims to facilitate growth and provide invaluable resources to accelerate the entry of their groundbreaking technologies into the global market.

The 2023 Cohort of the Advanced Materials Lab commenced in August 2023 and concluded with a remarkable Demo Day on February 28, 2024. This event offered startups a unique platform to showcase their innovations to potential investors and industry peers. After thorough deliberation, the jury, comprising a panel of experts, announced NextGo Epi as the winner.

The Winner

NextGO Epi delivers customised gallium oxide (β-Ga2O3) epiwafers grown by metalorganic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD). Our product aims to save energy loss from current electricity systems, and pave the way for the new generation of power electronics.

2023 September Cohort

NextGo Epi's triumph is a testament to their pioneering work, and we are equally thrilled to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of all the participants from the AdMaLab 2023 Cohort, who demonstrated remarkable dedication and innovation.

Hoop Solar is developing a semi-transparent solar covering for plastic greenhouses, enabling growers to produce clean energy while allowing sufficient light through for horticulture. Our lightweight, thin-film product is a replacement for the current plastic and can be installed on existing greenhouses.

Level Nine: Building on breakthroughs in synthetic biology and nanotechnology, they are re-imagining enzymes from first principles, developing catalysts with unparalleled performance and control for use in industrial manufacturing 

Nanomatter specialises in providing cutting-edge solutions to the semiconductor industry, specifically focusing on the large-scale, homogeneous growth of atomically thin 2D semiconductors (transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs)) using Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) technology.

OneTouch closes gaps in care to help patients manage their diabetes for improved long-term results by offering tools to diabetes educators and teams for comprehensive care plan design that is rooted in science and backed by data. 

Planck Technology specialises in identifying promising materials tailored to specific use cases. Utilising advanced simulation techniques, including computational chemistry and AI, their solutions optimise performance, efficiency and sustainability.

Are You Next? 

Are you an ambitious startup operating in the realm of Advanced Materials and Deep Tech, currently at TRL stage 3 to 4.  

Contact us today to accelerate your startup journey to gain access to unparalleled support and a network of industry leaders and investors.

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