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INAM Welcomes Three New Members!

Updated: May 7

Date: 06 May, 2024

Location: Berlin, Germany

INAM is delighted to introduce three new members, 212 NexT, Anabrid and Re-fresh Global, to our network. They join a global network of over 85 companies, institutions and other members with a shared interest in innovation in Advanced Materials.

About 212 NexT

212 NexT is a venture capital fund investing in advanced materials startups in the seed to Series A stages globally. We target sub-sectors within advanced materials such as biomaterials, chemicals, composites and energy efficiency solutions - with a focus on sustainability & decarbonization themes.

About Anabrid

Anabrid, are designing an analog computer on-a-chip. Its integration into digital computers will yield powerful, general-purpose and special-purpose hybrids of the two computational paradigms. Incorporating thousands of analog computing elements operated at scale under digital control, Anabrid's analog computer on-a-chip will complement digital technology – combining the benefits of both to compute more, faster, and cheaper.

About Re-fresh Global

Re-fresh Global is a German-Israeli-based sustainable materials company that uses patented and proprietary chemical processes to transform textile waste into high-quality new raw materials (nanocellulose, bioethanol, multifunctional fibers) using a unique upcycling process. 

About INAM

Founded in 2016, the Innovation Network for Advanced Materials (INAM) is dedicated to supporting innovative products, and processes in Advanced Materials. INAM fosters collaboration between deep tech startups, corporates, research institutions and investors, to accelerate the global market entry for groundbreaking ideas.

INAM operates three accelerator programs explicitly created for deep tech startups, tailored to their Technology Readiness Level (TRL) stages. INAM’s program consists of the Advanced Materials Lab, the Advanced Materials Competition, and the Advanced Materials Competition Scale.

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