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AdMaCom 2019 Winners Cellugy on Start Up the Science Podcast!

Episode 8 of Start Up the Science Season 2 features Cellugy! We had the chance to get Engagement Manager, Serena Leka, on Skype where we asked her about Cellugy, their journey as well as their unique pitching styles.

We had our first encounter with Cellugy during our 2019 AdMaCom where the team (led by Isabel Álvarez-Martos) walked away with the grand prize! Since then, they have been taking the world by storm with their amazing technology!

Cellugy is replacing fossil-based, single use plastics with biomaterials obtained 100% from renewable sources such as plant-waste. Not only did our AdMaCom jurors love Cellugy but it seems many people feel the same way. Since AdMaCom they've received an Innofounder Experienced Grant from the Innovation Fund Denmark as well as investment from Sky Ocean Ventures. 

To learn more about Cellugy, visit their website at or their LinkedIn Page. You can also reach out to Isabel and Serena on their LinkedIn Pages:

Alternatively, you could email us at and we will gladly put you in touch with her personally.

For questions or comments, please email us at Also, if you or someone you know would like to be a guest on our show, we welcome any and all suggestions!

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