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Announcing the New Open Innovation Challenge for Innovative Battery Technology

INAM, on behalf of Good Stuff Ventures and HOYER Handel GmbH, is organizing an Open Innovation Challenge for Innovative Battery Technologies.

We are looking for startups, researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs with innovative battery technologies to build a next generation (cordless & sustainable) hairdryer. 

Applications are open from now until 24 July 2020!


The Brief:

There is currently no battery on the market that can do justice to a cordless hair dryer. Either the drying performance is too low or the play time is too short to dry the hair completely. 

Therefore, your challenge is to develop an eco-friendly battery (or any other approach) for a cordless hair dryer that has no noticeable disadvantage compared to a normal hairdryer. 

KEEP IN MIND: Playtime, lifetime, weight and size are critical for any product with rechargeable batteries. 


The winner(s) will receive a long-term partnership with a successful system supplier and recognition as the inventor of the solution.

For more details about the product and participation requirements, head to the challenge page on the INAM website:

Ready to apply? We are taking applications on F6S:

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