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Advanced Materials Competition 2022 Finalist: Krosslinker


INAM – Innovation Network for Advanced Materials

Taha Adnan

+49 15217437881

RELEASE DATE: 04/05/2022

Berlin, Germany (03.05.2022)—INAM, the Innovation Network for Advanced Materials announces Krosslinker as an ADMACOM 2022 finalist. Alongside 10 other startups, Krosslinker joins the 8th edition of the Advanced Materials accelerator program, ADMACOM.

Krosslinker’s disruptive proprietary patented aerogel platform technology

(ASPIRE TM) has addressed several major challenges of the traditional aerogel manufacturing process that have thwarted traditional aerogel products from broader adoption. Their mission is to enable the world’s best insulation material, to be accessible and affordable for the mainstream insulation markets.

What’s new and innovative:

ASPIRETM is a disruptive fabrication formulation and process that brings down production costs by a third with 3-10 times faster turnaround time, 5 times more energy efficiency and 1/5th the capital expenditure compared to the traditional aerogel fabrication techniques.

About INAM

INAM, the Innovation Network for Advanced Materials, is a global network of companies and research institutes in the field of Advanced Materials. INAM’s goal is to enable the right connections and make technological innovations become reality by working closely with startups, SMEs, corporations, investors, and research institutes to start, grow and transform the development of Advanced Materials.

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PDF Version:

Krosslinker AdMaCom Press Release
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