Episode 9: OrelTech | Conductive Coatings and Printed Electronics

Start Up the Science | Episode 9

On our final episode of Season 1 of Start Up the Science, we discuss printed metals with Natalia and Konstantin of OrelTech!

OrelTech (which stands for Organic Electronics) has created a process that can print metal on any kind of surface - 2D or 3D! Bye bye, heavy metallic wires! Hello, paper-thin conductivity!

To get in touch with Natalia and Konstantin, visit their Website or LinkedIn pages:

Natalia’s Page
Konstantin’s Page

Alternatively, you could email us and we will gladly put you in touch with him personally.

You can also read about OrelTech’s journey to Berlin here: READ ARTICLE

Did we mention OrelTech were our 2017 AdMaCom winners? For information on AdMaCom, visit inam.berlin/admacom or email us at admacom.info@inam.berlin!


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