Episode 4: VSParticle | Manufactuing Nanostructured Materials

Start Up the Science | Episode 4

We were very excited to speak with Aaike van Vugt from the startup VSParticle for this week’s episode of Start Up the Science!

If you’re sometimes confused with science jargon (like Christina!), this is the episode to listen to. Aaike makes material science easy to understand for everyone!

VSParticle was one the finalists of our 2017 Advanced Materials Competition. Why were they one of the finalists? Because VSParticle is actively making the manufacturing of nanostructured materials as easy as pushing a button, greatly reducing the development time of new materials and products for a sustainable future.

To get in touch with Aaike, visit their website or visit his LinkedIn page. Alternatively, you could email us and we will gladly put oyu in touch with him personally.

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