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Materials for the Future of Telecommunications

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INAM, in collaboration with CDT, a Sumitomo Chemical Group Company, is on the lookout for pioneering materials to drive the future of telecommunications.

In the fast-paced and competitive environment, supercharge your startup's potential because the future belongs to those who dare to collaborate!


The IT-related Chemicals Sector of Sumitomo Chemical provides a broad spectrum of products to bolster the IoT era. These encompass optically functional films, touch screen sensor panels, colour resists, and polymer OLED materials, integral to the fabrication of LC and OLED displays. The portfolio further extends to include photoresists and high-purity chemicals vital for the semiconductor manufacturing process, along with compound semiconductor materials employed in antenna switches and various components of communication terminal equipment.


CDT aims to identify the next generation of materials required for the future of telecommunications. This might include materials for mmWave and beyond, or materials for quantum networks. A non-exhaustive list of examples is included below:


  • Low loss dielectric materials

  • Materials for passive and active reflectors

  • Substrate materials

  • Non-linear optical materials

  • EMI shielding materials

  • Materials for next-generation ADCs

Potential Benefits

  • Potentially participate in a proof-of-concept project, paving the way for joint development with the SC Group.

  • Build a strong collaborative connection with CDT, an SC group company.

  • Grow your international network within the SC Group and its industry partners.

  • Be featured in external communications of INAM and the SC Group.

product requirements

  • The product must be a material, not a device.

  • Preference for materials that are polymeric or incorporate polymers, but this is not a hard limit.

  • Process innovations (e.g. new compounding or composite technologies) will be considered.

  • Characterisation equipment is not being sought.

participation requirements

  • Any geography.

  • Pre-founding / research to scale up.

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About CDT

As the European R&D centre for the global chemicals giant Sumitomo Chemical (SC), collaboration occurs with partners in academia and industry to address some of the most complex challenges facing society today.


The SC Group aims to contribute to solving global problems and improving the Quality of Life for people worldwide in areas such as resources, energy, food, and the environment. SC Group’s technological prowess is leveraged to earn greater trust from business partners, shareholders, investors, communities where operations are located, and all other stakeholders.



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