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The only way you survive is you continuously transform into something else. It’s this idea of continuous transformation that makes you an innovation company.
— Ginni Rometty / CEO of IBM

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Advanced Materials Competition

Once a year INAM organizes the AdMaCom - a carefully crafted 2-week program for high-tech start-ups to accelerate their projects. INAM partners get access to all applications and collaborate with the start-ups through mentoring sessions and other activities.

PERFECT FOR: get inspired by teams from all around the world, gain overview of upcomming technologies, build PR for your company 



Dinners: meet innovation catalysts, industry specialsts and a selection of interesting start-ups to enjoy some tasty bites.
Workshops: twice a year we organize workshops. Members get to vote for a topic that would be in their interest and we gather experts from the eld and start-ups working on the topic.

PERFECT FOR: educating yourself, building meaningful relationships 


Receive a monthly newsletter curated speci cally for our members, featuring new start-up ideas, industry trends etc. You can also submit your news to share with our network.

PERFECT FOR: promote your company, stay up to date 


Do you share a passion for innovation? Would you like to partner with and accelerate your business with the help of our innovation network? 



Jonas Pauly / Managing Director


Upcomming events

  • August Newsletter: Trends to watch out for, featured start-up, relevant events

  • Aug. 30th – INAM Dinner: A casual dinner with interesting start-ups, industry and researchers. A must go if you want to stay ahead.

  • September Newsletter: Best of IFA’17, trends to watch out for, featured start-up

  • Sep. 25th – AdMaCom Kick-Off (Invitation only): Meet the inspiring participants, present your yourself and get inspired through our program 
  • Oct. 6th – AdMaCom Final: Get inspired by the progress and technologies of this year's advanced materials start-ups, meet leading industry and research partners in the field

  • October Newsletter: AdMaCom recap, featured start-up, relevant events 

  • November 9th: The Best of the Best. INAM member dinner with special guests featuring the best applications and material related ideas of 2017