Prepared for the future?

The Innovation Network for Advanced Materials is an ecosystem for hard- and software related high-tech businesses working with advanced technologies. It supports the development of young and promising ventures, by establishing an innovation culture and value chain, which lead to new opportunities for uprising companies, established corporates and renown research institutes.

If you are a soft- and hardware company with a scalable product looking for support in regards to finance, manufacturing or pilot customers, apply for our high intensive, network providing Advanced Materials Competition!




What we do

Advanced materials competition

Our AdMaCom addresses scientific driven companies with outstanding technologies that strive to have an impact on a large scale. These companies undertake an intensive program with experienced founders, industry partners, researchers and experts to evaluate their businesses and technologies. Winners of this challenge have the unique opportunity to find the missing piece to their success – upscaling partners, growth investors, material suppliers or large scale customers.


Our workshops help you prepare a strategy for your future success. Most of our partners are looking for inspiration and guidance on how to improve their business and technologies in an innovative way. In order to do so, we bring in a diverse team of experts, students or start-ups to create ideas, roadmaps and strategies. Thereby we can ensure a valuable outcome such as new use cases for your technology, collaboration partners for your existing ideas or simply inspiration for an internal product team.


We strongly believe in collaboration. Through our networking activities, you stay aware of upcoming trends and experience an entrepreneurial culture with passionate founders and scientists. Furthermore you gain access and preferred pricing to renown tech fairs and events that are relevant to your business. Additionally you have the chance to make yourself visible to a focused audience of potential partners, clients and employees. Stay ahead of the game by developing the future with us!

high-tech infrastructure

One of the major barriers for companies is the lack of accessible and resource efficient infrastructure. A small company can't afford it and a large one might not have the capabilities to free up capacities. Therefore we work closely with different partners of the development process in order to provide you with facilities ranging from prototyping spaces and laboratories to upscaling and production plants.


Executive Dinners help our partners to stay ahead of the game by receiving valuable insights while enjoying a great meal. We make sure that the right people meet to exchange ideas and strategies. The outcome of social activities with our partners has not only once lead to a successful joint project. 


Building sustainable businesses around technologies of tomorrow is a long and sometimes painful way. The entire network, its mentors and INAM staff accompany young businesses that are dealing with a world breakthrough one day and a complete failure the other. We know how important it is to have supporters and experienced people around you.